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Water is one of the main components of muscles, therefore it constitutes about 60-65% of body weight in an adult man and about 55% of body weight in an adult woman. Proper water management in the body determines the proper functioning of all internal organs, especially the blood circulation system and the heart.

According to the standards published by the National Food and Nutrition Institute, a sufficient daily water intake for men is 2.5 litres and 2 litres for women, however, the truth is that the issue of the daily water intake requirement is much more complex and requires an individual approach.


To calculate the average water intake requirement, just enter your age and body mass. However, the factors influencing the daily water balance also include:

– gender

– health condition (including medications taken)

– physical activity

– diet composition and quality

– climatic conditions


Some foods require an increased amount of water in the diet. These include large amounts of protein, fibre, sodium, as well as alcohol and caffeine.

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