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BMI calculator

Use the Body Mass Index calculator to quickly and conveniently calculate your own body mass index. BMI is calculated by dividing body mass (in kilograms) by squared height (in meters). ). BMI is used, among others, to assess the risk of serious diseases such as stroke, ischaemic heart disease, atherosclerosis and even cancer. Most of these diseases are related to obesity, which is why this tool is so useful. It is assumed that the higher the BMI value, the higher the risk to health and life.

CategoryBMI (kg/m²)Body weight
extremely underweight< 16,0underweight
severely underweight16,0–16,99
desired body weight18,5–24,99optimum
class 1 obesity30,0–34,99obesity
Class 2 (high) obesity35,0–39,99
Class 3 (morbid) obesity≥ 40,0

Source: Wikipedia


BMI is one of the important indicators of physical condition, but it is not sufficient. A very important supplement to the BMI is the visceral fat index – too high an index may mean dangerous visceral obesity, even with a normal BMI! Moreover, paradoxically, scientific research shows that people who are slightly overweight are usually healthier and live longer than people with the so-called “correct weight”. There are even opinions that the threshold for excess weight (25) arbitrarily set by the WHO is too low.


The BMI calculator calculates the approximate body fat content. In some cases, the results may be incorrectly calculated. For example, athletes may have more weight due to their muscle tissue and not due to the body fat content. BMI should not be calculated for pregnant women and children.

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